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There is always something going on in your Revier! In the restaurant area you can enjoy an uncomplicated kitchen with high quality, tasty food from Josper Grill to fair prices.

Ferran Adrià once said: The most important social network in the world is not Facebook; it's food. We are of the same opinion. Because nothing brings people together in such a natural way like eating together at the same table. Talking with one another during the meal creates contacts with people whom one might never have met, let alone addressed in everyday life. Less is often more - thus we keep it simple. Anyway, the long tables in our dining room offer the space for this setting. But don't worry - if you prefer eating in a relax atmosphere this is also okay.

In Revier we make living easier. Thus our menu card is not huge, but has some specialities to offer. Our cuisine is Mediterranean and interpreted in a surprising way. We pay attention to using only high-quality ingredients and sustainable products.

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During season our restaurant is open from 7:30am.

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