Burgers, Beers and much more

There is always something going on in your Revier! In our restaurant you will be able to enjoy an uncomplicated kitchen, high quality, tasty food from the grill to fair prices.

Ferran Adrià once said: The most important social network in the world is not Facebook; it's food. We are of the same opinion because nothing brings people together in such a natural way like eating together at the same table. Talking with one another during the meal creates contact with people whom one might never have met, let alone addressed in everyday life. Hence, the long tables in our dining room offer the space for such a setting. But don't worry, if you prefer the company of your own — we totally get that. 

The Revier always strives to make life easier. That is why our menu is kept small in order to keep you from being overwhelmed by too many choices. We interpret our Mediterranean cuisine in a new and extraordinary way, specifically paying attention to the use of high-quality ingredients and sustainable products.


Josper Grill

We grill with passion: Whether burger, steak, fish, vegetables — we cater for everyone’s taste. The special preparation and the use of different types of charcoal at the Josper Grill, gives the food a unique and aromatic taste.

We love beer

You’ll find that our drinks are a bit out of the ordinary. That is because we want you to continue your forays at our bar. With a choice of homemade ice teas, lemonades, excellent wines, dazzling cocktails and of course a broad selection of beers – we promise that you will be searching in vain for the usual lager beer. Have fun with exploring!


Even though our breakfast buffet is no feast, it offers everything that you could possibly want and need to get your day started the right way. We pay attention to healthy, regional and if possible organic products. We consider all dietary requirements so that no-one is left out.

CHF 14 is the discounted price for bookings done over our website and when booked in advance.

CHF 18 is the regular price and applies for all other instances.

Breakfast is served from 07:30 a.m. until 10:30 a.m in the restaurant.

Coffee <3

A good day starts with a cup of coffee. An excellent day starts with a great cup of coffee. That is why we do not leave our choice of coffee to chance and only use the best beans that we could possibly find. The Arabica and Robusta beans come from Brazil and Uganda and are both Max Havelaar certified.  The freshly brewed coffee tastes of cocoa, hazelnut, sugar cane and maple syrup — and, can you smell the coffee brewing already?

Frozen Yogurt

Try our frozen yoghurt and unfold your creativity by adding your choice of exquisite toppings. Whether marshmallows or smarties, you will definitely find what you are looking for. Is your mouth already watering? So is ours ;-)

Prosecco Flatrate

Ladies get on board!

Every day from 17:00 p.m. to 20:00 a.m. our lady friends can drink as much prosecco at our bar as they like. The damage is only CHF 22 per person. It's a true bargain!

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