Summer season as of May 17th

Sleeping in Style

Unsophisticated and authentic – that is the way all 86 rooms are designed. With a total of 188 beds the rooms can accommodate 1-4 guests. The rooms feature all essential things to make you instinctively feel comfortable: Shower, toilet, TV and a view of the mountain panorama, a strong WiFi connection which allows for fast streaming of movies, series and music.

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Revier Mountain Lodge
Dorfstrasse 37
CH-3715 Adelboden

Adventure in Bernese Oberland

You and your Revier

Nothing is more reliable than your own instinct. Your archaic drive. So get yourself outdoors and go on a foray. Hunt and gather like your ancestors did. However, nowadays your “preys” consist of impressions, experiences, adrenaline and all things important to you. To exchange your ideas and share your experiences with friends is the true essence of life. Thus your Revier is a place where you will instinctively feel good and in which you will find all things important for your adventures through day and night: friends, sleep, food and drinks. The Revier is a place to retreat to together - or even alone.

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